Welcome to the genre collection project for Travel Guides… We will explore the many facets of creating a travel guides collection and related materials for our information user: study abroad students.

The users of our library will primarily be considering or preparing to continue their studies in another country. These patrons can be traditional students (18-25 years old, primary background is education) and non-traditional students. We will consider the economic concerns and backgrounds of the students when developing the collection.

Therefore, what do study abroad students want in a travel guide? Do they want a book about the whole country? Do they want a language guide to help facilitate native interactions? Which maps are the best maps to have when traversing the bus and subway system in a foreign area? These are information needs our project must establish while organizing our collection.

To help facilitate this process we have created this blog. Here we will establish our ideas about what issues we will consider when collecting and processing various aspects of a travel guide collection. Our blog will also help facilitate communication between us and our information user. Because travel guides is a broad topic our collection will be broken up into sub-genres of travel guides: Cultural, Language, Maps, Online and Books.

Why will students use this resource instead of Google? This collection will offer the user advantages over using Google. It will produce more relevant results per query (greater precision and recall) on the target country. Also, the collection promises to have better quality information because it will be actively maintained by the university librarians with regular input and feed back from the users. Finally, our collections offers an opportunity to collocate a wide range of materials in the library and on-line.

Group members:
Corrie Ball
Jamie Naylor
Laksamee Putnam
Rob Goldberg


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